The campus houses two separate accommodations, one meant for special school for hearing impaired children and another special school for intellectually challenged and physically challenged children. This provides two teaching areas independent of each other. The classrooms for teaching the hearing impaired children have been provided with an in-built group hearing aid system. It intensifies the power of listening and facilitates communication between the special educator and the students making study smooth and handy. Students need to be "fit" to carry out doily tasks with vigor and alertness. This aspect is built by encouraging games and sports.

Vocational Training

  • Cutting and Tailoring Girl students are being trained in fabricating clothes, garments and dresses.
  • Art and Croft: Art education intends to give children, many opportunities to express themselves with different ideas, materials, colours, forms and textures. Children are taught use of certain techniques, working with different mediums and materials like clay, glass, paper, fabric, points and wastes of daily use.
  • Computer Education: It is a wonderful way to bridge the gap between studying and learning. With this, computer literate students can grasp concepts in simpler ways.
  • Vocational and technical training prepares the students to be self-reliant.

Facilities for exercises like physiotherapy, audiometer, speech therapy, psychotherapy and audio-video are also provided. The school's code of conduct sets out high standards of behavior and excellent results from students. Periodical reports and parental discussions help to maintain communication and motivation. Great attention is paid to know each student's strengths and weaknesses and monitoring his/her progress.

A spiritual focus underpins the school ethos promoting our aims of coring, tolerance and understanding.

  • Health and Fitness There is a full health-care package which includes the administering of appropriate medications when prescribed by specialists; routine checkups by doctors and dentists.


  • Maruti vans are available on payment for the intellectually and physically challenged children from their residence to Asha Vidhyalaya and back.
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